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Car Hire Narvik

Choose a hire car to see the many delights that Narvik has to offer. Experience independence on your holiday to Narvik city with a lovely rental car.

Having such a variety of attractions it is often easier to see the city of Narvik in a hire car. Our extremely competitive prices make car hire in Narvik a popular choice. Our vehicles come with many advantages, such as unlimited mileage, comprehensive liability insurance and 24 hour breakdown assistance at no extra cost.

Pick up an excellent condition, fully fuelled and clean rental car in Narvik from the airport today.

Car Hire Narvik Mini Guide

As Narvik is such a beautiful country, steeped in history and geographical wonders, it offers many attractions to its visitors. The Ofoten Railway stretches 42kms to the Swedish boarder from Narvik. Park up your hire car vehicle and hop aboard the train to see Norway in its full glory.

Much of Norway encapsulates the true essence of Scandinavia. Visit Skjomen, an ice eroded fjord. Give yourself time to stand back and imagine the amazing power, glaciers and the Ice Age had on the land. Or take a cable car to the summit of Narvikfjellet Mountain and view Ofotfjord in a panoramic fashion.

Another is Stetind Mountain, which takes 1 hour in your hire car from Narvik. The drive up to the foot of the mountain is an epic journey itself due to the incredible landscape.

For families taking a holiday to Narvik, Polar Zoo is ideal. Lying in Salansdalen Valley in Bardu, it is one of the world's most northern of zoos. Wolverines, lynx, elks and wolves are on show. Some artic foxes are too which is a very rare animal for a zoo to house.

For the cultured traveller there are many museums such as Ballangen Museum. A look back on the area's mining history dating to the 17th century. Displays and exhibitions showing agriculture and fishing are on show as well as photographs of the areas progression. You could also visit Narvik Church. Built by Olaf Nordhagen, a local architect in 1925.

Car Hire Narvik Airport – NVK

Being Narvik city's secondary airport, Narvik Airport, Framnes is used for short domestic flights. Only having an 800m runway contributes to only being able to serve small jets. The main airline is Wideroe and offers daily flights to Andenes, Tromso and Bodo. Having a small terminal for arrivals and departures, it is easy to find your way around.

Narvik Airport code NVK. Also known as Narvik lufthavn Framnes Airport.