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Car Hire Tonsberg

The freedom you have to explore will be further enhanced by hiring a vehicle to explore the ancient town of Tonsberg. Have a look at the latest offers on car hire in Tonsberg.

The oldest town in Norway is rich in history and has magnificent places to explore. Renting a vehicle from Car Hire Norway is the perfect way to get from attraction to attraction in style and comfort. We are confident we can find the perfect vehicle for you at a competitive price, also Included in this excellent price is a waiver on auto theft and collision damage, fully comprehensive insurance and liability cover and more.

Car Hire Tonsberg Mini Guide

From the moment you collect your hire car, you will be on a voyage of discovery in the beautiful town of Tonsberg. The area is steeped in Viking tradition with old graves, museums to the past glories of the Vikings and magnificent landscapes to add to the backdrop of this adventure. The town is popular in summer with people from Oslo descending on the town making a lively place day and night.

A short drive in your hire car will take you to the city's famous landmark of the Castle Rock Tower. It dates back to 1888 and stands proudly in the town centre on a hill. The Royal Mound is the grave of the Viking Queen Alvhild. There was a Viking ship called OseBerg discovered here during an archaeological dig.

The Tonsberg Cathedral is also worth a visit and dates back to 1858. The county museum of Vesfold is very popular and gives a history to the region and the Vikings. There are Viking ships and a skeleton of a blue whale on show at the museum.

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A short drive away is Fjaerholmen where it is possible to swim in the sea. There are also boats that sail around the island but these are usual private.

The town has a good shopping mall in Farmandstredet and near here is a popular seafood restaurant called Roar I Bua that offers freshly caught shrimps.

There are ruins that are worth a visit and there has been a restoration of a palace beneath the Castle cliff.